Coding With Jerry

Hey whats app!

My name is Gerardo Jaramillo and I am a developer from Guatemala City, I have been coding since 1996, and I love Web development.

I have experience in the web since the days of Netscape 1.22 and things have change a little since then. I have seen technologies come and go and all of them have been tons of fun! from PERL and Ruby to Python and Javascript passing trough C# and Php… programming is just fun!

My Grow

  1. I started working on the web when I was 18  years old in 1996 at the first ISP in my country Guatemala as a Webmaster, funny enough all you needed to know at the time was a little of photoshop and html .
  2. After that,  I started playing with Javascript and PHP to do the first and Mysql.
  3. After that I started playing with c# and ruby, those languages teach me a lot of lessons about software development. For desktop and web development, I really love backend development in C#.
  4. Some years later I started playing with Python and I created some serverless apps with Python, it was refreshing to create apps so easily in AWS, with the serverless framework and Python.
  5. I also worked as a Project Manager and Scrum Master for many years, one of my interest is the process of creating software, the dynamics team organization, followup of features, testing and delivery.
  6. Today I sent my days programming stuff in PHP (WordPress as a headless CMS), doing stuff in Gatsby, Angular and VueJS, and API development with C# on Azure using CDNs as servers for my static pages and SPAs.

I love programming!